Feedback is a gift

Its value, however, comes in being able to act on it to work out what you can do differently in future to be more successful.

Whilst a lot of companies work hard on their VoC programmes, surprisingly it is still rare to find companies who are great at closing the loop and letting customers know how their feedback has been acted upon.

Even rarer are organisations that are able to learn from unsolicited feedback.

Here’s an example:
Despite having undertaken some comprehensive pre-purchase research, the functionality of our brand-new Bosch washing machine has left me somewhat underwhelmed. Having thoroughly perused the manual, I reached out to their service centre for some clarification.

It turns out there is a mismatch between my expectations and what this machine can do; but at no point did I get the impression that the agent was interested in feeding this back any further within the organisation.

A missed opportunity.

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