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In an ever more digital world consumers expect the organisations they deal with to offer value by delivering a seamless and personalised experience – and today’s consumers are increasingly likely to punish those organisations that do not meet these expectations.

As a result, companies are investing more in improving their customer experience, but many face significant challenges in realising the benefits due to legacy data, systems and internal processes.

Jo draws on her extensive commercial experience, along with hands-on experience of delivering a significant change programme in customer experience at British Airways, to advise organisations on how to design and deliver successful transformations. She is excited by the innovations in customer experience that can be delivered by deploying advanced analytical techniques and smart technology, as long as these are delivered in a customer centric way. Jo believes that a truly great customer experience is one that creates an emotional connection with the customer.

Consulting services include:

  • Creating the vision and business case for investment in the customer experience
  • Developing an approach and roadmap to building the capabilities for a customer mindset
  • Working out how customer data, insight and technology can drive customer experience improvements in your organisation
  • Getting your organisation aligned internally on your customer experience transformation
  • Developing an internal engagement approach and plan


Declan Moran, Director of Marketing and Business Development, VHI:

“Jo has worked with us since the beginning of 2019 on our Customer Experience programme. Her expertise and advice have been extremely helpful. She holds a mirror up to the team by giving us regular constructive feedback as well as challenging our progress and results with a critical (in a good way) and insightful eye. Jo has a great ability to move effortlessly from vision and strategy to low level details such as creating momentum and action from data insights. I would highly recommend Jo for her commitment and professionalism; she is a true advocate for customers.”

Kate Thornton – Former Chief Customer Office, Simplyhealth :

“Having seen the impact Jo made at BA, she was the obvious choice of partner when Simplyhealth set out to create a customer data strategy that supported our customer experience ambitions and commercial goals. She worked effectively with the Simplyhealth team to design and facilitate a series of workshops that established a high-level vision and principles, as well as outlining a clear view of the current state and the building blocks required.

Feedback from participants across the business at all levels highlighted how much they learned from her approach and the examples she provided, as well as how much they enjoyed the sessions.

Jo coupled her deep understanding of how customer data can help grow businesses with a keen analytical mind that enabled her to quickly understand our business challenges and opportunities. She is a powerful customer champion and consistently demonstrated an ability to bring constructive challenge our business, while proactively seeking actionable solutions to the problems we needed to tackle. ”

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