We know that the way organisations respond when things go wrong can be a key differentiator in the customer experience. So why do so many companies under invest in service recovery and complaint handling?

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I am delighted to be judging once again at the European Customer Centricity Awards, which celebrates the excellent work organisations are doing to put their customers first.

This is a fantastic opportunity to not only promote the work that you are doing, but benchmark yourself against other organisations from a variety of sectors in the region and get meaningful feedback from independent specialists such as myself.

If you have an excellent story to tell, then myself and my fellow judges would love to hear it and provide you with recognition for your hard work.

Companies can enter up to 3 categories for free by following the link here.

Last year I made it onto CXM’s UK Top 50 list, so I was really delighted to find out that this year I’ve been included in the Global Top 25 CX Influencer List by Customer Experience Magazine.

“Top CX influencer is Customer Experience Magazine’s annual list of people who distinct themselves by their skill to widely impact others in the CX industry. You can recognise the influencers by their charisma, presence on social media, and engagement in the CX events. They are always the first to celebrate successes, challenge opinions, and motivate people to action.”

Many thanks to Customer Experience Magazine for including me on the shortlist, and also to anyone who showed their appreciation for my work by voting for me.

I promise to double down on my efforts to motivate CX Leaders to take the appropriate action to lead their CX initiatives with confidence and get results faster.

You can view the full list here:

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At the start of January I was interviewed by Craig McCartney for the ‘CEO.Digital Show’. The podcast episode has just been released. Have a listen to hear me talking about the essential leadership behaviours behind successful CX transformation.

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I was delighted to be identified by the CX Lead Team as one of the Top 20 CX

Leaders to Follow and Learn From:

“Her consulting, speaking events, and coaching are well regarded in the CX industry for being both bold and actionable.”

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I was honoured to be invited to judge the UK Business Awards this year.

We all know the last 18 months have presented businesses with significant challenges, and these awards will celebrate the heroic efforts of companies who have adapted and overcome the adverse circumstances.

I really enjoyed reading the entries in the ‘Best Place to Work – Large Organisation’ category. The link between employee experience and customer experience has never been more important.

Its value, however, comes in being able to act on it to work out what you can do differently in future to be more successful.

Whilst a lot of companies work hard on their VoC programmes, surprisingly it is still rare to find companies who are great at closing the loop and letting customers know how their feedback has been acted upon.

Even rarer are organisations that are able to learn from unsolicited feedback.

Here’s an example:
Despite having undertaken some comprehensive pre-purchase research, the functionality of our brand-new Bosch washing machine has left me somewhat underwhelmed. Having thoroughly perused the manual, I reached out to their service centre for some clarification.

It turns out there is a mismatch between my expectations and what this machine can do; but at no point did I get the impression that the agent was interested in feeding this back any further within the organisation.

A missed opportunity.

I’m not a fan of webchat, and I certainly think you should not force customers to use it. But if you do I suggest you follow the simple rules in this article:

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I was delighted to be invited to join the Women in CX community as a founding member. What a fantastic group this is. I’m really looking forward to getting to know fellow members and sharing learning and expertise on all manner of subjects around customer experience.

You can watch the keynote I gave at Customer Fest on 4th March 2021, which was jam packed with practical advice for CX Leaders:

I recently ran a workshop on customer experience for a team of product designers at a well-known global fashion retailer. It was great to read these comments included in their feedback.