Realise your customer experience ambitions with Sentio-B

Sentio-B is a boutique customer experience consulting firm providing advisory and coaching services for Boards and senior leaders on how to drive transformation in their customer experience.

Established in May 2018, Sentio-B has worked alongside clients in a range of industry sectors both in the UK and abroad, helping them achieve their customer experience ambitions.

Sentio-B - Jo Boswell

Jo Boswell – Founder & Director

Jo specialises in customer experience innovation and transformation, with particular expertise in helping organisations work out how to use their customer data, insight and technology to develop a customer mindset and drive customer experience improvements along with achieving the organisational and cultural change to become more customer centric and unlock business value.

Previously Jo enjoyed a career spanning 27 years at British Airways, where she held a number of senior leadership roles in the Customer Experience and Commercial functions, culminating in Head of Customer Value Management. She was the driving force behind a successful transformation – the ‘Know Me’ programme – that embedded personalisation into the customer experience and service strategy at British Airways.

As Director of Sentio-B, Jo successfully applies profound knowledge of digital transformation and delivering personalisation at scale from her executive career to a range of industry sectors in her consulting capacity, providing advisory and coaching services to Boards and Senior Executives who are seeking to transform the customer experience.


Nick Swift, Former CFO at British Airways:

“As CFO of British Airways, I oversaw all capital investments. Jo was very impressive in the way she led this significant programme, including:
  • Presenting a compelling vision of how BA could transform the customer experience using customer data and technology – one of the best board presentations I had seen
  • Building strong business cases, breaking the investment into bite size chunks, reporting back with tangible business benefits at each stage
  • Adopting an excellent stakeholder engagement approach to ensure the Leadership Team bought in and were aware of progress
  • Successfully navigating the politics of the organisation to deliver a truly cross-functional transformation programme that touched almost every part of the business
The programme added significant value to BA, driven by Jo, and I would highly recommend her to any organisation.”

Lynne Embleton, CEO IAG Cargo

“Jo set out her vision for the ‘Know Me’ programme – to shift the organisation from a traditional customer segmentation approach to individualised, personalised customer interactions. She was able to take this vision from concept to implementation, creating and leading a team which played a big part in cementing the customer at the heart of the business.”


Combining innovative thinking with a pragmatic approach to help organisations deliver their customer experience ambitions.

Balancing ideas and innovation with driving tangible results, whilst maintaining a relentless focus on the customer.

Bringing sharp analysis and quick thinking, as well as a good sense of humour.

Why Sentio-B?

Sentio is the latin word for experience and awareness, which neatly encapsulates the key to success in realising your customer experience potential:

  • To improve the customer experience, you need to raise awareness of the customer across the organisation
  • To improve as an individual leader, you need to raise your self-awareness and expand your thinking on how you deal with different situations and navigate challenges